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SpeedAdvanced Drain Opener in Concentrated Powder Form

Speed -   Acid-Solvent Emergency Drain Opener    
Unique formula instantly attacks most drain blockages without harming your pipes
Opens clogs instantly
One product solves almost any drain problem
Economical to use

Application Areas:
Sinks, showers and tubs
Floor drains and grease traps
Industrial and manufacturing drains
Septic tanks and cesspools

1. Remove the drain screen if possible.
2. Remove any standing water.
3. Pour the indicated amount into the drain while using safety equipment.
4. Immediately place a bucket, dishpan or deep container upside down to protect from possible splashback.
5. Let stand for 15 minutes then flush with cold water. Let stand for another 5 minutes.

Features & Benefits
Unique dual action power; the acid layer attacks hair, paper, food and grease while the solvent layer attacks
wax, styrofoam, chewing gum, cigarette filters and synthetics.
Regular use of Speed eliminates foul odours by keeping lines clean and stopping the formation of odour causing
residues in the lines.
Speed has corrosion inhibitors which protect pipes and metal components.
Approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) #6126 as a Drain Cleaner.

Dilution Rates By Application
Application Dilution Rate
Small Drains Apply 250ml
Floor Drains Apply 1 litre
Grease Traps Apply 1 litre or more depending on size and
condition. Use 20% to 50% of initial dosage
periodically for control.
Septic Tanks Apply 1 litre for every 500 litres in capacity
Cesspools Apply 1 litre for every 250 litres in capacity


WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

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