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Premalube RedôMulti-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature Grease

Premalube Red™ -   Multi-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature Grease    
Heavy duty grease specifically formulated for industrial equipment.
Provides superior protection against heavy loads, contaminants, heat and high speeds.
Product of choice for almost every industrial application.

Application Areas:
Utility Plants
Paper Mills & Packaging Plants
Steel Mills & Foundries
Food Processing Plants (H2)
Chemical Plants
Plastic and Rubber Plants
Industrial Manufacturing

Features & Benefits
Stays in Place to Prevent Wear Under Heavy-Load Conditions.
Contains Synthetic Moly and Graphite.
Minimizes Abrasive Wear Caused by Dirt and Dust.
Exceptional Heat Reversion Properties.
Superior Water Resistance.
Excellent High Temperature Performance - Remains Effective 190°C Continuous and 240°C Intermittent.
Prevents Rust and Corrosion.
Reduces Grease Inventory to Save Money.

Additives Benefits
Premium Grade Base Oil Superior grade, highly-refined base oil resists oxidation, hardening and high-temperature breakdown to maintain better lubricity.
Aluminium Complex Base Withstands high heat - is the only lubricant with heat reversion characteristics. Resists water washout.
Adhesive and Cohesive Polymers,
Tackiness Agents
Highly-elastic polymers hold grease together and in place to reduce squeeze-out, channelling and slingoff. Prevents loss of lubricant that leaves bearings “starved”.
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors Blocks out corrosive elements such as acids, water, condensate and steam by forming a protective barrier on equipment surfaces to prevent chemical wear.
Extreme Pressure (EP) Agents Provides added lubricant film strength to increase load-carrying ability of equipment. Helps prevent extreme wear that can occur under heavy loads.
Anit-Wear and Friction Reducing
Prevents metal-to-metal contact, two-surface wear, vibration and chatter. Keeps high friction surfaces, such as bearings, properly lubricated to prevent metal loss, downtime, and replacement expenses.
Oxidation Inhibitors Extends lubricants service life by retarding the oxidation process. Provides a chemical shield that prevents the oxidizing effects of oxygen and water.
Shock Load Reducers Cushions impact to minimize the stress, vibration and chatter that can occur under heavy loads and during start-stop operations.
Polymite® Graphite Offers added high temperature stability and guards against water washout.

Technical Specifications #2 #1 #0 #00
Grams pre Litre 825 999.34 905 912
Penetration @ 25 ºC 60 Strokes 265-
310 -
355 -
400 -
Penetration Loss after 10,000 Strokes, % 10 10 10 10
Dropping Point ºC 260+ 246 232 232
Timken, OK Load, KG 28 30 28 28
4 Ball Wear, MM 0.60 0.69 0.6 0.6
4 Ball Weld Point, KG 400 400 400 400
Load Wear Index 53 28 28 28
Oxidation Stability 100 Hrs @100 ºC, Kpa 13.8 20.7 20.7 20.7
Oxidation Stability 500 Hrs @100 ºC, KPa 48.2 62 62 62
Maximum Continuous ºC 190 190 190 190
Maximum Intermittent ºC -17 -23 -23 -10
Rust Test Pass Pass Pass Pass
Copper Corrosion 1B 1B 1B 1B


WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

Premalube Red Meets or Exceeds these
Performance Requirements:

US Steel Mill Grease Specifications:
- Roll Neck Grease Req. No. 340
- Extreme Pressure Grease Req. No. 350
- Extra Duty EP Grease. Req. No. 352
- Extreme-Temp. Req. No. 355, 370 & 372
- Ball and Roller Bearing, Req. No. 371
- Mill Utility Grease Req. No. 375

Military Spec. MIL-G-23549C, MIL-G-2345C

Case 251H EP

Ford M1693A

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