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Derket™Super-Concentrated Acid Cleaner

Derket -   Super-Concentrated Acid Cleaner    
Removes accumulated mineral deposits, rust, mortar and excess cement in one application.
Dissolves scale, scum and other deposits.
Eliminates scouring, scraping and chipping.
Contains corrosion inhibitors.

Application Areas:
Cooling Towers
Heat Exchange Equipment
Condenser Systems
Boiler Units
Pipes and Tubes
Construction Equipment

Features & Benefits
Removes accumulated scale and lime deposits from heat exchanging units, condenser coils and pipes for improved heat transfer efficiency and fuel conservation.
Eliminates the need for heavy scouring, scraping and chipping to remove built-up deposits on equipment.
Effectively dissolves and removes lime deposits, rust, scale, mineral sediments and soap scum with one application.

Direct Applicaton Instructions
1. Dilute DERKET with water up to 1:4, depending on the severity of deposits.
2. Brush or mop the solution onto fixed objects.
3. Let the solution stand to penetrate and break up deposits.
4. Wipe or hose off promptly with clean water.

Soaking Instructions
1. Using a plastic container to soak parts in DERKET until lime and water deposits have dissolved or softened sufficiently to be removed by brushing or agitation.
2. Remove parts and rinse promptly with clean water.

Do not use on aluminium, anodised aluminium, porcelain, enamel surfaces, stainless steel, chrome galvanized or decorative brass fixtures.

Do not allow cleaning solution or rinses to contact plants as they may be damaged. If DERKET comes in contact with these surfaces, rinse thoroughly with water.

WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

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