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Shiny SideConcentrated Degreaser and Tar Remover

 Merlin - Concentrated Degreaser and Tar Remover    
Clings to surfaces for thorough cleaning
Controlled solvent release that provides a penetrating cleaning action on deep seated grim
Thickens with water

Application Areas:
Industrial maintenance: heavy equipment and machinery facilities
Housekeeping: heavy traffic walk ways including floors and walls.

1. Dilute Shiny Side concentrate to 1:4 with cool tap water.*
2. Shake mixture vigorously to achieve a thickened and uniform mixture. Can also be used neat if desired.
3. Spray, mop or brush onto surface which requires cleaning.
4. Leave mixture on surface and work for 5 - 10 minutes.
5. Rinse with water or a high pressure washer.
* For best consistency always add water to the concentrate. Do not add concentrate to water.

Features & Benefits
Forming emulsion clings to vertical surfaces for heavy duty cleaning. Great for reaching hidden area on vehicles and machinery.
Penetrates to dissolve the toughest oil, grease, tar and grime. Requires little or no scrubbing.
Clings to surfaces to keep cleaning power in contact with grease and grime. Cleans better with less waste because the product will not run off before the job is complete.
Does not contain chlorinated solvents, acids or alkalis that can create a hazardous working atmosphere.
Suitable for use as an Incidental food contact lubricant in Federally Inspected Meat & Poultry Plants.
Passes FDA Regulation CFR21, Section 178.3570.
AQIS Type A Lubricant.

Technical Specifications
Flashpoint 60ºC
H20 Solubility Forms an emulsion
Odour Orange
Does not contain Aromatics, chlorinated solvents


Always pre-test in an inconspicuous are before using to ensure
compatibility with paints, finishes and waxes.
Not recommended for use on vehicle bodywork.

WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

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Shiny Side MSDS
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