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Road Runner PlusDiesel Fuel Improver with Biocide

Road Runner Plus - Diesel Fuel Improver with Biocide    
Improves fuel efficiency and extends engine life
Provides clean separation of fuel and water to help stop rust and corrosion
Boosts Cetane rating of 15% for faster ignition and improved combustion
Improves fuel efficiency by 10%
Protects against wear because of formulated preservatives

Application Areas:
Off road vehicles
Trucking and delivery fleets
Construction equipment
Stationary and auxiliary power engines
Utility, mining and marine operations

Bulk Storage Tanks:
Add 3.78 litres for each 13785.41 of fuel.
Vehicle Fuel Tanks:
Add 236.5 millilitres for every 189.3 litres of fuel.

Features & Benefits
Helps keep fuel injector tips free from clogs by dispersing sludge and gum in fuel. Clean tips improve combustion and maximises performance.
Lowers pour point of fuel by as much as 17ºC. Fuel flows more easily and full power can be achieved for quicker starts even in cold weather.
Helps prevent formation of slime and other blockages. It also reduces acid corrosion.
Prevents breakdown and acid formation in stored fuel.

Cetane Raiting  
API Gravity Cetane Number
32.2 Untreated 38.0
32.2 1:1000 41.5
32.2 2:1000 42.5
40.7 Untreated 52.0
40.7 1:1000 56.0
40.7 2:1000 57.5

Technical Specifications  
Temperature Range Up to 160ºC
Flashpoint 65ºC
Odour Faint
API Gravity 19.6 - 20.6


WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

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