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Premalube Xtreme FG™ Extreme Load & Pressure, High Temperature Food Grade Grease

Premalube Xtreme FG - Extreme Load & Pressure, High Temperature Food Grade Grease    
Extreme duty calcium sulfonate food grade grease specifically formulated for equipment requiring an NSF H1 grease.
Provides superior protection against extreme loads, contaminants, heat and high speed wear.
NLGI # 2
Product of choice for almost all NSF H1 Applications
Premalube Xtreme Food Grade grease contain a total additive package that sets it apart from other greases.

Provides Superior Equipment Protection for:
Food Processing Plants
Bottling Plants
Meat & Poultry Packing Plants
Breweries & Canneries
Water Utilities
Industries Requiring H1 Lubricants

Features & Benefits
Patented Calcium Sulfonate Grease
Protects and Stays in Place Under Severe Load Conditions
Lasts 2 to 5 Times Longer Than Conventional Food Grade Greases
Superior Water Resistance-will not washout or float off surfaces, even during equipment wash downs.
Bearing Speeds Up to 20,000 RPM’s
Reduces Grease Inventory to Save Money
Wide Operating Temperature Range –remains effective to 400ºF continuous and 500ºF intermittent with monitored lubrication, and down to -10ºF.
Ideal for use on: seamers, conveyor parts, rollers, bearings, gears, guide rails, grid belts, cams, casters, sprockets,
stirrups, plungers, slide, cookers.

Additives Benefits
Adhesive and Cohesive Polymers,
Tackiness Agents
Highly-elastic polymers hold grease together and in place to reduce squeeze-out, channelling and slingoff. Prevents loss of lubricant that leaves bearings “starved”.
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors Blocks out corrosive elements such as acids, water, condensate and steam by forming a protective barrier on equipment surfaces to prevent chemical wear.
Anti-Wear and Friction Reducing
Prevents metal-to-metal contact, two-surface wear, vibration and chatter. Keeps high friction surfaces, such as bearings, properly lubricated to prevent metal loss, downtime, and replacement expenses.
Inhibits Rust and Corrosion Blocks out corrosive elements such as acids, water, condensate and steam by forming a protective barrier on equipment surfaces to prevent chemical wear.
Intrinsic Extreme Pressure (EP) Agents A heat seeking additive that prevents the cold welding that can occur under heavy loads. Minimises wear while helping equipment run cooler.
Oxidation Inhibitors Extends lubricant service life by retarding the oxidation process. Provides a chemical shield that prevents the oxidizing effects of oxygen and water.
Intrinsic Shock Load Reducers Cushions impact to minimize the stress, vibration and chatter that can occur under heavy loads and during start-stop operations.

Physical Properties  
Timken OK Load, ASTM D 2509, Lbs 65
4 Ball EP, ASTM D 2596, load wear index, Kgf 62
4 Ball EP, ASTM D 2596 - weld point, Kgf 500
4 Ball Wear, ASTM D 2266, scar diameter, mm 0.38
Oil Separation, ASTM D 1742, mass % 0.2
Wheel Bearing Leakage, ASTM D 4290, grams 4
Rust Test Rating, ASTM D 1743, rating PASS
Salt Fog, ASTM B 117, hours to failure, 1 mil d.f.t. 300+
Bearing Life, ASTM D 3527, hours 120
Bomb Oxidation, ASTM D 942, psi drop after 1000 hours. 9
Worked Stability, ASTM D 217, % change from baseline
-worked 100,000 strokes
Worked Stability, ASTM D 217, % change from baseline -
worked 10,000 strokes, with 50/50 water mixture
Shell Roll, ASTM D 1831, % change from baseline 3.1
Water Wash Out, ASTM D 1264, 79 deg. C, % loss 3.5
Low Temperature Torque, ASTM D 4693, at -40 deg. C, N.m 10

Premalube FG Meets or Exceeds these
Performance Requirements:


FDA REGULATIONS, Part 21, CFR 178.3570

Surpasses US Pharmacopoeia Standards for Neutrality, Sulfur Compounds, Solid Paraffinsand Carbonizable Substances

USDA H1 and H2

  Do not use on: applications with operating temperatures above 500ºF.

WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

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