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Big TexMulti-Purpose Industrial Solvent Cleaner

Big Tex - Multi Purpose Industrial Solvent Cleaner, Plumbing Product    
Big Tex is a tough cleaner for tough, stubborn grease and grime
Penetrates, dissolves and removes the most stub born greasy, grimy stains
Cleans metal, concrete, rubber and plastic surfaces
Dilutes with up to 15 parts water
Leaves no oily film or residue
Removes residue without leaving a film on surfaces.

BIG TEX is tough enough for surface cleaning in high-traffic, dirt and grease prone areas like:
Floors and walls
Parking, loading and service bays
Grout cleaning for titled surfaces
Can be used to clean in place of machinery where an efficient non-flammable cleaner is needed

Features and Benefits:
Removes grease, grime, oil, ink, dye, wax, exhaust smoke, scum and dirt.
Contains an amazing penetrant to reduce the need for excessive scrubbing over tough stains to reduce the need for excessive scrubbing over tough stains.
Contains no flammable solvents.
Attacks the cause of odours instead of just masking them.
Removes residue without leaving a film on surfaces.

Technical Specifications
Flash Point Non-flammable
H20 Solubility Complete
Odour Light. No dangerous fumes.

BIG TEX may etch glass and anodised aluminium
Certain automobile finishes may be harmed by this product
Pre-test sensitive surfaces in inconspicuous area prior to use
WARNING: Consult the label for full instructions and precautions before using this product.

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